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Press Release:
UK Based Red Chilli Audio are to exhibit off the back of the success of Music Messe at Music Park Leipzig and launch all their new products into the European market.
The show is to be held in Leipzig and Red Chilli Audio who have just added a European Sales manager and a German office to their portfolio are to exhibition on HALL: 2 STAND:G135
Managing Director Steve Helm said:
 “We are pleased to be continuing our development and expansion into Europe now representing Snail, VTAB and Isuzi throughout most countries in Europe whilst building our foundations in the UK. It will be a strange time again as it is Brexit time again and like Frankfurt, when we set off to the show we are meant to be in the EU and when we finish it we are meant to be out. It did not happen last time but this time round it feels different and we decided to still go ahead despite the uncertainty as things have to continue one form or another and its time to put some positivity back into the market place.
We have set up a German office and euro account as these were highlighted at Music Messe from various people from around 16 countries and we have staff with multi-language capabilities, so have representation in several countries now to help give our European customers confidence and support at a localised level as well as the International back up “
Red Chilli Audio will be spotlighting products the MIA recently featured such as the ISUZI GA-25 and Ukulele Bass plus a great range of Snail & Vtab ukuleles.
Further details on Red Chilli Audios products can be found at or call 0113 457 5222 or email
For more details on the show please go to:
Leipziger Messe GmbH

Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany
Phone:  +49 341 678-8684

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